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So apparently at some point (the 3rd) my little nugget turned 18 months.  I totally didn't realize until two days ago...good thing cause she has a Dr. appointment yesterday, that i probably would have forgotten about.

She is still my little nugget

Weight: 22.8lbs 25%
Height: 32in 50-75%
Head: 18in. 25%

 her height has always been in the 25% range till this time, i kind of knew before going in that this would be the case she is growing like crazy right now.

since our insurance does not cover 15 month check ups she had to get those shot done yesterday too. she got 4 shots  of course she cried, but as soon as a gave her a big hug she stopped crying and she was pretty much perfect the rest of the day.

happy 18 months little nugget.


where oh where....?

I know i'm so slacking here, but i've been spending all my energy and time HERE.

I probably won't update this blog very often.   So you should mosey on down & follow my other blog that i update ALL THEE TIME. 

So if Y'all want some updates, that is where you will find it. 



cutest thing ever.

I have seriously the cutest nieces and nephews ever!!  added one more to that bunch of cuties!!!

Rylee Mae Crandell

congrats to Nate and Amy!!
she is a cutie pie!



am i too late for this...probably.

am i going to post about it anyway...you betcha!

Easter was mellow and pretty laid back.  we had the usual annual Crandell Easter Party on Saturday before.  it was fun. of course! whats better than being with your family. i will be stealing borrowing some pictures from my seestas blog and i will put those up in a little bit. cause i didn't take pictures, thought i would leave that up to the pro. :) any who.

i do have pictures of Easter morning. the girls didn't really get excited too much, they just wanted to eat all their candy. which they finally did, but i'm still finding hidden piles of jelly beans around the house. Amelia is a saver and has lots of secret candy places. seriously i don't even know where she has any of them, she just whips things out at random.

their stuff.
I'm not big on giving huge things,
so they each got a "shove as many things in this thing and still try to carry it" princess bag

good morning star shine! she noticed everything first.
she was excited.

Evelyn didn't notice them because she ran right past them so she could go play some video games with me.
yeah she pretty much rocks at the Michael Jackson game.

and this concludes our Easter

pictures as promised!

evelyn got lots of eggs. 
amelia was happy with one in each hand.

the easter bunny made his appearance again this year.
evelyn was a bit stiff when she sat with him, but amelia was super excited!
i can't blame evelyn it is super creepy!

and last

my amelia has a special love for her uncle jon.
maybe it's because they make the same faces.
who knows. :)
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