4th year

our anniversary is coming up.
its this coming Wednesday the 27th.
this will be the 4th.

i thought in honor of our anniversary
i will post some pictures of the first day we met.

it was April of my senior year of high school.
yes i had just turned 18 and i had not graduated yet.
my sister mallory, was on a mission at the time, and her
"special friend" invited me to go to a mallory party.
(just a side note: this "special friend" is now her husband. cute!)
badda boom badda bing.
we meet.

i'm a pretty weird person so i was happy when he would wear the mask with me.
its all about the little silly things.
we had a great time.

i really liked is sarcasm. i know right. what a great thing to love. but i thought it was so funny!
i love to laugh so it was perfect.

so we laughed, talked, took pictures.

it obviously was a great time for him too
cause he asked my sisters "special friend" for my number.

 and yes this is a picture of the first time we met.


Kim & Max Willis family said...

how spesh! i really like that last pic of you two:)

Mallory said...

the day you met your husband he was wearing an "im waiting for Mallory" shirt.. haha.. weird..

ericaj said...

haha yes we was. i never thought about that.

Autumn Lynn said...

Cute :) That's a cute way to meet.

Doug and Amanda said...

I love it! When you can be silly with someone, that's how you know it's love! The first time Doug told me "I love you" was right after I told the lamest joke ever. Congrats on your anniversary. Here's to many more!

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