first date

our first date. it was a big group date with his friends. i didn't know what to expect, but i had a great time.

Chris picked me up and we met everyone at my sisters "special friend" house (read here and you'll understand)

So we all started off by going to a thrift store and picking out shirts for each other. i picked out a blue plaid button up shirt that had one of the seven dwarfs on it. it was not pretty. so Chris shows me the one he picked out for me. it was insane.
 imagine Easter: a bunny, baskets, eggs, flowers, grass.
now add actual bows and throw those in the mix and you've got it.
it was like pretty Easter vomit. :)
yeah it was pretty much the funniest shirt I've ever seen. i was more than happy to have it.
(i have a picture of it but its on my parents computer, i immediately took a picture of it when i got home. next time i'm there i'll post it.)
i do think i had the best shirt out of the bunch.

So we have these shirts and we are going to wear them, yep you guessed it, to the movies.
The second part of the date was a movie. We saw Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
I probably would not have ever seen that movie if i hadn't gone with Chris.
Its one of my favorite movies now.
It was the perfect first date movie.
 I learned how loud he laughed in movies , so of course a perk and how much he loves slurpees.
 i mean who could go wrong with a slurpee.

Cheers to first dates.


the special friend! said...

thats a nice story. I can hardly remember those dates :) Im glad I get an honorable mention!

nate and amy crandell said...

So cute!!! Sounds like nothings changed Chris still LOVES movies and slushies...but who doesn't RIGHT?!
Heard about the photo shoot, your are so funny/creative!!!

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